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Your next great job is just around the corner. Start your journey with us today by receiving this free webinar as your guide.

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Launching Your Job Search with Pat Cross - 44:10

Whether you're unemployed, an experienced working professional, or a professional actively seeking new opportunities, finding your next job opportunity takes planning, flexibility, and persistence.

In this talk, we'll discuss what you need to know (and do!) to launch a successful search.  Key points we'll address include:


  • The starting point: identifying your strengths and transferable skills 

  • What are the skills employers want?

  • What are some of the jobs in demand?

  • Looking at options besides full-time positions

  • Tips on building your resume

  • Preparing for commonly asked interview questions

  • The virtual job fair – what to expect

  • How COVID-19 is impacting job search

  • The importance of networking

  • Keeping track of your search efforts

Pat Cross, M.A.Ed., brings over 15 years experience facilitating workshops and coaching individuals in successful job search.   She has worked with individuals at all levels, from new college graduates to senior and C-Suite level executives.  Pat is a frequent speaker at professional networking meetings and at corporate training events as workshop facilitator on talent development and retention, career management and professional development for corporations, non-profit organizations, government and public agencies.

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