Negotiating Your Compensation Package with Elizabeth Lions - 42:29

Ideally, at the end of your job search, you'll have two offers. Often with the excitement of getting the job offer, we don't know how to evaluate the offer properly or dismiss what actually may be the better offer.  For many candidates that are mid level, a high paying salary isn't what will make them happy.  It is usually company culture, the leader and the team that can make or break your own success.

But how do you evaluate that as well?

Elizabeth Lions has authored three books on job search and leadership.  She'll share her expertise with you and her career in reviewing more than 30,000 resumes - and share what to look for in your offer.  With a plethora of well known Fortune 500 clients she has hired for, you'll benefit from her industry knowledge.

Spend an hour and you'll learn:

  • How to time your offers so they fall all at once - so you can evaluate

  • What to consider in an offer

  • What is total compensation package

  • Decipher what 'advancement' and 'career growth' really mean to you

  • What you can ask for

  • How you say it is more important than what you actually ask for in the deal

Elizabeth Lions is a career coach, speaker and author on career management and leadership.