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OnCareerSuccess teaches the critical career skills and knowledge you, as early-career and mid-career individuals, must have to succeed in 21st century working careers and to achieve financial security. These skills are: job search essentials, career management, professional development, and financial knowledge.

It’s a jungle gym for careers and career progression in the 21st Century. As the average worker is expected to change jobs 5-15 times in their 45-years working career span, the old way of career success by advancing your career in the iconic corporate ladder format at the same company and in the same field is less likely. Instead, your career path could look more like climbing in a jungle gym: no requirement to stay in one field, but taking various different paths to explore new opportunities, deliver product or service solutions to problems, and then bring your experience and knowledge to move on to new challenges while moving up the career ladder.

Concurrently, the workplace sees accelerated changes. An ADP study released in April 2019 forecasted that independent workers, or contractors, will represent about 40% of the workforce in the United States by 2020! Additionally, advancement of emerging and possibly disruptive innovations such as increased automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) - just to name a few, coupled with continuing globalization, means you need to have career agility to stay employed.

Achieving career agility and career resilience means you have to invest in yourself and learn new skills in order to stay on the 21st Century workplace jungle gym to prosper.

Led by a team of multi-disciplinary and internationally known experts in career coaching, leadership development, LinkedIn, financial and estate planning, and using cloud-based technology to reach you, OnCareerSuccess is the portal providing learning to enable you to achieve career health, career agility and general financial knowledge for financial security.


The four pillars of learning for you are:

  1. Fundamental job search and compensation negotiation skills to help you succeed in the job interviews to get the job and negotiate competitively

  2. Career management skills to navigate the workplace, stay relevant and grow your earning potential 

  3. Professional development skills to grow your career and develop leadership capabilities 

  4. Financial knowledge to help you keep more of your earnings and better manage your personal finance and retirement planning for financial security

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