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Submitted November 5, 2022

Category: Mid-Career Job Search Essentials

After a long successful career as a chemical engineer, I found myself unemployed at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. I had been unemployed before, but by choice, usually following my spouse to a job assignment abroad. I also had plenty of experience finding jobs when I wanted to change employers or relocate. However, this time it felt different. I knew that finding a job at this stage in my career was going to be challenging. Furthermore, I had not been in the job market for eighteen years, I was receiving unemployment for the first time in my life, and everybody was being laid off. Luckily, I had some help.

I am a member of my professional association, AIChE. Through the Northern California section of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (NorCal AIChE), I learned of webinars that they partnered with an organization to help members in a similar predicament I was in. That is how I became acquainted with OnCareerSuccess that provides help on mid-career professional job search skills and job transition.  I took several of their webinars that I found very helpful. The webinars are taught by domain experts.    Here are some examples of the webinars that I found very helpful:

Launching Your Job Search, by Pat Cross


Critical Components of an Effective Resume, by Pat Cross


Overcoming Potential Age Bias, by Pat Cross


Interview Preparation: Strategies for Success, by Pat Cross


10 Best LinkedIn Steps to Your Next Great Job with Wayne Breitbarth

From the title of the courses, you can see how each one delves into a different aspect of the job search. They provide specific, effective tools to overcome a difficult situation and getting to the final goal, finding the right job.  I also have become acquainted with Lucia Feng, the CEO of OnCareerSuccess and continue to correspond with her from time to time. I appreciate very much that she keeps in touch and always provides very helpful advice.

Since taking the webinars I have been successful in finding two jobs, and my current position is one of the most interesting and challenging that I have had.

It has never been obvious to me how I have come by the many jobs I have gotten over the years. This applies to my latest experience. Persistence, preparation, and a positive attitude are very important. It goes beyond saying that experience and qualifications are essential. Then there is the intangible, being in the right place at the right time (putting yourself out there is part of it).

Making use of good professional help and advice is certainly also very important.


P. G.

Submitted April 8, 2021

Category: New College Graduate/Early Career Job Search Essentials

After graduating in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from San Jose State University (SJSU) at the height of the pandemic, I needed to find a job that would get my foot in the door of a tech company to start my career in the STEM sector.  I was sending many applications but not hearing back from many of the opportunities I was interested in.  However, my former academic club introduced me to OnCareerSuccess and Lucia Feng, the CEO.

Through OnCareerSuccess I was able to attend three online workshops that were intended to boost the strength of our job search, our resumes, and our interview skills.  My favorite of the three was the Interview Preparation workshop which helped to introduce me to new ways to market myself and engage with the interviewer.  I utilized all the different techniques that were taught to us when I was in an interview.  I found myself most often using the techniques taught to us in the “Tell me about Yourself” segment of the workshop.

After attending the workshops, my job applications started to improve, as I felt more confident when I would submit my resume or when I would finish an interview.   I began to get more calls from hiring managers/recruiters.   Soon after using these job search skills I received an offer from KLA Corporation, a major semiconductor metrology company in Silicon Valley of San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

I am very fortunate that I was able to learn the skills that I needed to find a job and help start my career during such troubling times.   I am very appreciative for all the advice that I learned from the workshop instructor, Pat Cross, and from Lucia Feng.

Ilias Mylonakos

Submitted March 3, 2021

Category: Mid-Career​ Job Search Essentials

I first became acquainted with OnCareerSuccess when my professional association sponsored some of their seminars to help its members with job searching, resume writing and interviewing.  I was very impressed with the seminars, the quality of the presentation, the content and the applicability to my career. These one-hour seminars were conducted by Pat Cross, a very able speaker who is truly knowledgeable in the field. I was so impressed that I went on to take some of the other OnCareerSuccess seminars on my own. I particularly recommend the seminar Overcoming Potential Age Bias, also conducted by Pat Cross, and the seminars about LinkedIn, conducted by Wayne Breitbarth, an expert on the subject (Wayne wrote the book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, a must for anybody wanting to get the most out of this platform.)
I continue to keep in touch with the folks at OnCareerSuccess. They have been very helpful in giving me advice and recommendations during my job search, particularly the CEO, Lucia Feng.
I genuinely believe that OnCareerSuccess is not only an invaluable resource for professionals at any stage in their career, and particularly while in the job market, but it is a very good value. In these days of having to do everything remotely it is great to have access to this wealth of information at a reasonable cost.
Good luck to all of you in your professional endeavors.
P. R.

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