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You are an “Early Career” individual if you are: (1) A student seeking summer internships; (2) A student approaching graduation or recent graduate from two-year community college, four-year university, post-graduate or professional schools, vocational programs, or a professional licensed program such as Nursing and Dental Hygiene; or (3) Someone who has left the workforce for an extended time period of multiple years and recently returning to the workforce.

Studies have shown how quickly you get a good job – as self-defined by the respondents (U.S. adults aged 18 and older who earned a bachelor’s degree between 2010 and 2016) in the study - immediately after graduation affect the salary amount over both the short and long term than graduates who took longer to find a first good job. Gallup in September 2018 reported that graduates who had a good job upon graduation are 2.4 times more likely to be earning $60K or more in personal income than graduates who took two to less than 12 months. The fact that graduates who found a good job quickly earn more and higher wages faster suggest the importance for Early Career to invest the time and incur the expense to learn job search essential skills in order to prosper by earning more later.

Our expert-developed webinars below teach you the proven step-by-step structured approach on finding and getting the job you want, starting from ‘Launching Your Job Search’ that gives you an outline and roadmap of all the key steps involved to finding a job, writing a resume that showcases your match to the job to land an interview, interviewing prep that help you ace the interviews, communicating effectively in the job search campaign, and negotiating a salary offer that you are happy with.

Free online on-demand ‘Launching Your Job Search’ webinar by experienced Career Coach Pat Cross provides an overview of the steps and a plan to succeed in job search for new college graduates, healthcare industry graduates, and people returning to the workforce after some time off.  The steps include:  identify the job seeker’s key strengths and transferable skills; find a right ‘fit’ for yourself by developing a clear focus; ensure key components are in resume; identify well-paid entry level jobs; research a company before applying to the position; plan your networking; review tips on campus fairs, and prepare for commonly asked interview questions.


Launching Your Job Search

Early Career & New Grads Interview Preparation: Strategies For Success


Early Career & New Grads Interview
Preparation: Strategies For Success

Networking is the number one way people find jobs but many job seekers do not network successfully.  In this on-demand webinar, experienced Career Management expert and Career Coach Pat Cross teaches basic principles of effective networking strategies and action plan, including preparations of an ‘elevator pitch’, identifying networking opportunities, and tips of what to say in correspondence with people you know and people you don’t know when networking online and in-person.


Networking Strategies
For Early Career

Holiday Job Search for Early Career and New Grads

Holiday Job Search



Job Search & Career Strategies: 

What You Need to Know for 2024

Preparation is critical to interviewing successes.   This on-demand webinar by Pat Cross focuses on 10 questions to prepare students and early career job seekers on how to answer commonly asked behavior based interview questions and what to ask the interviewers.  For each question Cross discusses what is the question behind the question, strategy for answering, and what answers to avoid.  In addition, Cross lists at least 5 insightful questions you need to ask to learn more about the job and the company.

10 Interview Questions For New Grads & Students (And 5 Questions
to Ask)

World-renowned best-selling LinkedIn author and LinkedIn expert, Wayne Breitbarth, teaches college students and college graduates how to stand out on LinkedIn and get on fast track to get internships or job opportunities. With 4 bonus actionable handouts, Wayne helps you create a strong LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters and employers, optimize keywords to rank high in search results, connect with college alumni and others to grow network, and uncover information that improves chances to get the job.


LinkedIn: A College Student's Fast Track To Internships and Jobs

Critical Elements of An Effective Resume For Early Career & New Grads

Critical Elements of An Effective
Resume For Early Career & New Grads

Your writing and verbal communication skills in your job search campaign need to be clear, concise, grammatically correct and to the point.  In this cloud-based on-demand webinar on the important topic of job search campaign correspondence, Expert Career Coach Pat Cross guides you on choosing a cover letter format that works best for your individual situation, writing effective cover letters highlighting your strengths, and writing proven networking emails to reconnect or connect with someone by referral.   Multiple examples of very useful written post interview follow up correspondence are included: effective thank you notes;  response to a rejection; accepting or turning down a job offer.


Job Search Campaign

Career Expert Pat Cross teaches strategies on negotiating salary package when an Early Career or new college graduate receives a job offer.  Topics include misconceptions about negotiating, what a job seeker must do before negotiating, tactics to handle salary question during the interviews, when and how to respond when receiving the job offer, what to do if the salary is too low but you’re still interested in the job, and what perks and benefits can be negotiated besides salary in the offer.

Negotiating Strategies


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