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Integral to career success management, financial knowledge is an important pillar of your learning because money gives you the freedom to make choices, including flexibility in career moves.


As most of us acquire our wealth through working, the paycheck is the biggest and principal income for living expenses and from which to save for retirement.  If you don’t negotiate your salary, accepting whatever is offered to you by the employer without any negotiation can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even into millions of dollars over your lifetime.


For example, FORBES [1] cited a 2017 Glassdoor survey that 68% of women accepted the salary they were offered and did not negotiate compared to only 52% for men.  Reasons for not negotiating have been reported to include not knowing how to negotiate as well as being uncomfortable in starting salary negotiations.


Additionally, according to an analysis by TIME [2], women earn less than men at every age range: 15% less at ages 22 to 25 and a staggering 38% less at ages 51 to 64.   A 2015 analysis showed such pay gap could typically cost a woman in excess of many hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings over the course of a career. 


These data suggest, regardless you are a man or a woman, learning to negotiate a compensation package –salary, benefits and/or stock options – becomes a key life skill that you need to master.

Once you have earned the money, you also need personal finance, estate planning and retirement planning knowledge to help you stay involved and be knowledgeable in managing and protecting your money through the phases of life – student loan repayment, marriage, divorce, mortgage loans, children’s college costs, investment vehicles, various insurance options to protect your income, retirement, etc.


We will have experts certified in financial and retirement planning as well as estate planning attorney and tax professional to educate so you will have the knowledge to make more informed decisions that impact your and your family’s financial well being.

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[1] C. Sankar, "Why Don't More Women Negotiate?", Forbes, July 13, 2017.

[2] A. Showalter and C. Wilson, "How The Pay Gap Hurts Women's Financial Security", TIME, p. 14, March 14, 2016.

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