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Focused personalized coaching provides you the opportunity to learn and get guidance in a one-on-one setting with an experienced Professional Coach with the skill, knowledge and experience on your subject area of interest.  Our professional coaches are top-rated experts highly recognized in their specialty area with at least 15 years of experience, and have helped many hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

Whether you want a resume review, get help on interview preparations, feel stuck in a job, need help to develop a powerful LinkedIn profile to become an opportunity magnet, improve your relevancy to stay employed longer or advance in your career as a Mid-Career individual, or simply want to make a major career change and don’t know how to launch a job search, our coaches can design a plan just for you to help you achieve your objectives.

How Personalized Coaching Works:

  1. Define your specific needs.

  2. Select a coach and sign up for a coaching session at the right career level (Early or Mid Career) for you.

  3. Choose a time on the Coach’s or Expert’s calendar that works for you.  Note you and the Coach can work out a mutually agreeable time after you purchase a coaching session.

  4. Pay for the coaching session if fees are due.  The time period of a coaching session is one-hour long.

  5. The Coach or Expert will communicate with you on further details or preparations you need to do prior to the session.


Pat Cross, MA Ed, is a Career Expert with over 15 years experience in one-on-one career coaching with job seekers at all levels from individual contributor to executive level.  Cross is also an experienced trainer and workshop facilitator in areas of emotional intelligence, leadership development, management skills, presentation effectiveness, and customer service.

Pat Cross

Chief Career Expert

Wayne Breitbarth is a speaker, author and an internationally recognized industry leader in LinkedIn training, marketing, and consulting. In customized coaching, Wayne works with individuals to create powerful LinkedIn profiles to attract recruiters and employers.   For enterprises, Wayne works with companies to develop a comprehensive strategy for using LinkedIn to increase sales, raise brand awareness, recruit employees and reduce recruiting fees, and discover new markets for products and services.

Wayne Breitbarth

LinkedIn Expert

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