The fundamentals of job search knowledge are taught in the "Job Search Essentials" webinars listed below for Early Career and Mid-Career individuals.

We leverage cloud-based technology and take a holistic approach to help you learn critical life skills to enable and empower you to achieve career successes in order to attain more options in life through financial security.

As we know everyone learns differently and has different career guidance needs, we structured our product and services for maximum flexibility for you to learn:

  • Each expert-developed webinar in the "Job Search Essentials" modules focuses on a specific important knowledge area.

  • You decide what knowledge areas you need to learn or to update, and select to "rent" that webinar. It’s that easy.

  • You can stream on-demand at your convenience and repeatedly to master a subject in the recorded webinar.

  • The rental period of each webinar is 72-hours from the time you click "Play" after making payment.  If you need more time, you can rent again. (We are working on options to have access for longer time.  Send email to or fill out the "Contact Us" form if you are interested in this feature.

  • Focused personalized coaching at one-on-one level with expert is available.  Examples of topics commonly sought are: resume development; interview preparations; career and professional development; stuck in career; and creating a powerful LinkedIn profile. 

If you represent an academic institution, enterprise, or government entity, we welcome inquiries from you on how we can offer customized programs, including live online and possible in-person workshops, to help your members to learn, develop and enhance the essential skills to get into the talent supply pipeline, and to improve employability and career agility for career development and talent retention in a dynamic 21st Century jungle gym workplace.
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