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Negotiating Strategies
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Negotiating Strategies

Negotiating Strategies with Pat Cross - 41:18

Negotiating is a skill you can use not only in job search, but throughout your career!  In this webinar, we'll focus primarily on negotiating when you've received an offer.
We'll address:

  • Misconceptions about negotiating - what it is and what it's not

  • What you need to do BEFORE you decide to negotiate

  • How to handle salary questions during the interview

  • When and how to respond when you receive the offer

  • What if the salary is too low - but you're still interested in the position?

  • What else can be negotiated besides salary

  • The outcome of a successful negotiation

Pat Cross, M.A.Ed., brings over 15 years experience facilitating workshops and coaching individuals in successful job search.  She has worked with individuals at all levels, from new college graduates to senior and C-Suite executives.  Pat is a frequent speaker at professional networking meetings and at corporate training events as workshop facilitator on talent development and retention, career management and professional development for corporations, non-profit organizations, government and public agencies.

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