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  • I’m having issues proceeding to check out after previewing the webinar clip and selecting the rental button. How do I move forward with the purchase of my rental?
    If you are experiencing an issue proceeding to check out after previewing the webinar clip and selecting the rental button, please follow these 3 simple steps: Step 1: Close the overlay screen with the webinar title, brief description and black “Proceed to check out” button, by clicking the “X” in the upper right hand corner. View example, below: Step 2: At this point, you will be presented with the preview webinar clip screen with the rent button in the right column again. Please click close this screen by selecting the “X” in the upper right hand corner too. View example, below: Step 3: After closing the preview screen, a sign up form will appear for you to proceed with creating an account to complete your purchase. For current customers, you can access the login at the very top of the form. View example, below: If you are still experiencing issues with check out, please do not hesitate to contact for further assistance.
  • How do I view recently rented webinars?
    Once you have initially purchased your three day rental, you will be immediately returned to your selected rental to play and view the webinar. If you have logged out of the site, you must log back in with your credentials and navigate to your recently rented webinars for viewing. You will notice a play video button on your recently rented webinar(s) which are available for viewing within the 3-day rental time period. The 3-day (72 hours) rental period countdown immediately starts after your payment is accepted.
  • How do I sign up or log in into my account?
    You can sign up or log into your account by either clicking on the button labeled “Sign up/ Log In” located at the upper right hand corner of the site, or by being prompted during the process of purchasing a webinar for rental.
  • What are my webinar "rent" and bundled subscription "Plan" options?
    We know each of us learns differently. Therefore we offer our users maximum flexibility to learn all our job search topics in ways that are most effective, efficient and at a comfortable pace for each user. For the Early Career and Mid-Career "Job Search Essentials" webinars, we currently offer two simple ways to access our high-quality learning: 3-day rentals for each individual webinar, and 6-month subscription Plans which bundles all the job search webinars for Early Career or Mid-Career into a Plan. For individuals who wish to learn only a specific topic, it is best to go with our single three-day "rentals". By offering webinars à la carte, we provide you the flexibility to choose from a diverse selection of webinars under our comprehensive categories of job search, career management, professional development and financial knowledge. You can select individual webinars whether your interests are career-oriented or in any of the other topics available on the site. We know you are an individual and one size doesn't fit all. We highly recommend you choose one of our Plans to aid in your job search. Each bundled Early Career Job Search Essentials Plan or Mid-Career Job Search Essentials Plan offers a substantial discount of 34% compared to renting individual webinar and you get the added bonus of unlimited on-demand streaming access for 6 months. Customized subscriptions in content, coaching and varied subscription time length are available through partnerships with enterprises, academic institutions, government entities and trade groups. Please send your inquiry to or fill out the "Contact Us" form.
  • How does the 3-day access of rentals work?
    Upon selecting and renting a webinar, you will be given 3 days to access and watch the webinar on The 3 day rental period begins once you purchase the webinar. During those 3 days, you can log into your account at any time to watch the webinar.
  • I’ll like to continue viewing a webinar outside the 3-day rental period. How would I be able to extend the viewing period?
    If you will like to extend the viewing period outside the 3-day rental period, you can re-purchase the webinar for rental and extend for another 3 days.
  • How do I demo or watch previews of the webinars?
    Each webinar provides a short video clip to preview, along with a detailed summary about the topic, the points covered and about the expert facilitating the webinar.
  • Which webinars are entirely free for my viewing?
    Currently, we have free webinars available for your viewing pleasure located here. You will also find current special seasonal promotions on our promotions page.
  • What is different about your webinars that I have to pay for them, when there are so much free stuff out in the internet?
    With free webinars, it is difficult to tell if you are receiving good quality content from an expert in the field. At OnCareerSuccess, we vet from the very best and highly-sought after experts and thought leaders nationwide in job search, career coaching, career management, leadership and professional development, LinkedIn, financial planning, and estate planning to provide you with high quality at affordable prices.
  • I can’t seem to locate a webinar topic. How would I be able to find it?
    You can locate the available topics and webinars in the top navigation under the label “Webinars”. If you’re still unable to find a webinar topic, feel free to contact us at We’ll be happy to assist, and learn about what interests you, so we can provide you the best webinars in the future.
  • How do I explore all the webinars available and full descriptions under each category?
    We provide brochures on all our webinar offerings with full detailed descriptions. Our topics are listed below, feel free to click the following links to learn all about our webinars and services. Early Career Webinars Mid Career Webinars
  • How would I contact customer service about technical difficulties with a webinar?
    If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email us at We’ll aim to resolve your issues as soon as possible.
  • Will I be able to receive refunds on any webinars?
    Unfortunately, at this time we do not provide refunds for webinars.
  • Are there monthly or yearly subscriptions available, outside of the rental period?
    Right now, we only have 3- day rentals for individual webinars. Monthly or yearly subscriptions are only available through partnerships with academic institutions, enterprise or government entities. In the future, we may expand to monthly or yearly subscriptions based on demand.
  • Will I be able to purchase gift cards for your service?
    At this time, we do not sell gift cards. Once gift cards and subscriptions are made available, we’ll be sure to send you a notification through our newsletter. We hope that you will still share the gift of knowledge with your friends and family by renting our webinars for them.
  • Do you provide subscriptions to academic institutions, enterprise, or government entities?
    We have available subscriptions and customizable packages for academic institutions, enterprise, or government entities. To learn more how we can partner with your organization and provide you the very best of our content, please contact us or email us at
  • Do you provide live online sessions or possible in-person workshops?
    Our experts are available for live online sessions, in-person workshops, on top of providing personal appointments and coaching, based on your schedule. To learn more about our experts and book an appointment, please click through to our experts page. For live online sessions and in-person workshops for your organization, please contact us or email us at
  • How do I sign up with private sessions with the experts on your site?
    To sign up for appointments with any of our experts, please click through to our experts page and book a private coaching session. Our experts will be able to accommodate a session based on your schedule.
  • How do I receive the latest updates on the most recent news and webinars?
    We look forward to keeping you updated with our latest webinars, newsletters and resources. Just sign up at our newsletter sign up page, with your name and email address.
  • Are transition support services or customized options available for small and medium companies, enterprises, academic institutions, and government entities?
    Cost-effective customized subscriptions in content, coaching and varied subscription time length are available through partnerships with enterprises, academic institutions, government entities and trade groups. We welcome your inquiries. Please send your inquiry to or fill out the "Contact Us" form.
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