10 Tips For Managing Your Remote Employe

by Pat Cross - 35:15

Since the pandemic, many former "in office" positions are now remote.  In the post-pandemic and vaccinated world, the future of work will likely be a hybrid model with some combinations of remote work and in office work.  Managing remote teams, whether based locally, nationwide, or internationally creates both challenges and opportunities for managers and employees.


This webinar will address:


  • What are the benefits of having employees work remotely?

  • What are the challenges - both for managers and employees?

  • As a manager, what's important in terms of onboarding new employees?

  • What do you need to communicate regarding expectations?

  • What communication strategies may work best for specific situations?

  • Strategies for building relationships, reducing isolation, and creating teamwork

Price: $18.75
Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

by Pat Cross - 49:36

Understanding what the "emotional intelligence" skills are is important, but how and when can these skills be applied in today's workplace?
This session will begin with a review of the 5 key emotional intelligence skills: self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills, and why these "soft skills" are critical to your career success.  Taking each of these skills, we'll review the definition, address how to improve each one, and provide real-life examples and how they can be effectively applied in workplace situations.
Learning and mastery of emotional intelligence skills can improve your communication skills, leadership skills, problem solving, relationships, opportunity for career advancement, job satisfaction and company’s business services and products.  LinkedIn research found that Emotional Intelligence skill is one of the top 5 soft skills most likely to get you hired.

Price: $22.50
Creating Your Career Development Plan 32

by Pat Cross - 28:16

You spend a great deal of time at your job, but do you ever stop and think where you want your career to go?

A career development plan is both a roadmap and an action plan to guide your career in the direction you want. Developing one for yourself can increase your chances for career satisfaction, as well as keep you productive and motivated. This webinar will focus on:

  • Why we often don't have a career development plan for ourselves - and why it’s important to have one

  • 5 specific action steps to take to take to develop your career development plan

  • Resources that can help you get there!

Price: $22.50