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Mid-Career 10 Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer (And 5 to Ask!)

by Pat Cross - 01:04:38

Preparation is the key to success in any interview!  


Although you can expect specific questions related to the job itself, there are common questions that could be asked of any applicant whether you have a phone screen, video interview, or in-person interview.  Are you as a mid-career professional prepared to address some of the most common interview questions?   


In this webinar we’ll discuss 10 of the most common interview questions (plus a bonus one) focusing on:  


  • What is “the question behind the question”?

  • Strategies for answering

  • What answers to avoid saying

  • Examples of responses.  Scenarios include mid-career job interview candidate as an individual contributor or manager who is still employed but looking for a new opportunity or is in transition after a layoff

  • Handling illegal interview questions

  • At least 5 questions for YOU to ask the interviewers

Price: $20.00
(over 20%off)

by Pat Cross - 01:01:34

Do you have a resume that "sells" you?   Having a well-developed and customized resume is a critical part of your marketing collateral and shows your skills and experience to a prospective employer.


This webinar will address what you need to know when creating or updating your resume.  We'll cover:


  • The purpose of a resume

  • Guidelines of resume do’s and don’ts

  • What to include and what to leave out

  • Three resume formats - chronological, hybrid-combined, and functional resume – and which one may work best for you

  • What are the critical elements of a resume and optional components

  • What needs to be included in your Summary, Experience and Education sections

  • How to write accomplishment statements to differentiate yourself from competition

  • Resume types for jobs requiring specialized licenses or certifications, such as Healthcare professionals

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), what they are and how they’re used in today’s organizations

  • Tips and strategies to get your resume through ATS

  • Should you use your LinkedIn profile instead of a resume?

  • Consideration and limitations on use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create resume

Price: $10.00
(over 30%off)

by Pat Cross - 01:17:48

Are you prepared for your upcoming interview? Are you aware of the different kinds of interviews? Do you know the three main things employers are looking for when they interview you?    Preparation is still key to successful interviews.


In this comprehensive webinar, we’ll address:


  • The three purposes of the interview and what employers are really seeking to know about you

  • 6 different types of interview formats:  telephone screens, virtual video interviews, in-person interviews, “round robin” interviews, lunch (meal) interviews and panel interviews

  • How to prepare for each type of interview format

  • Preparations and strategies for answering commonly asked behavioral based questions and challenging interview questions

  • Preparing a list of questions to ask the interviewers about the job and corporate culture

  • Writing an effective “Personal Commercial” in response to the question “Tell me about yourself”

  • Tips on handling salary questions, “interview outfit”, voice and body language, interview courtesies, lunch (meal) etiquette, and cultural considerations

  • Following up after the interview

Price: $10.00
(over 30%off)

by Pat Cross - 01:17:26

Interviewing skills are a critical competency for every mid-career job seeker.   The key to having a successful interview is preparation and confidence! 


In this webinar we'll discuss:


  • The three real purposes of an interview.  What are all employers looking for when interviewing job candidates?

  • 5 different types of interview formats: telephone screen, video interview, in-person interview, “round robin” interview, and panel interview

  • How to prepare for each type of interview format

  • Creating an effective response to the question “Tell me about yourself”

  • Strategies for addressing common interview questions for mid-career professionals, including handling salary questions and behavioral questions

  • Generating a list of questions to ask the interviewers

  • Following up after the interview

Price: $20.00

by Pat Cross - 01:02:03

Is your resume up-to-date and up to today's standards?  This webinar focuses on developing a mid-career professional resume that is part of your self-marketing collateral.


We'll address the purpose of the resume, preparation you need to do before creating/updating your resume, choosing the right format and discuss each of the critical components you want to include.   Resume formats of chronological, hybrid-combined, consultant and healthcare professionals are covered in this webinar.   We’ll show how to write accomplishment statements to make your resume stand out.  Your resume may also go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and we'll address how an ATS works and tips and strategies to get your resume through to the right people.

Price: $20.00

by Pat Cross - 36:22

You've been in your current role for some time and you'd like to position yourself for a promotion.  But how?  Like any important career decision, one of the keys to success is preparation! 


In this webinar we'll discuss:


  • Determining if you are ready to be promoted

  • Common mistakes to avoid 

  • Advantages and disadvantages when looking both inside your company - and outside your company

  • Preparation work before you have that promotion discussion

  • The importance of timing

  • Presenting your case for promotion

  • The next steps

Price: $18.00

by Pat Cross - 35:15

Since the pandemic, many former "in office" positions are now remote.  In the post-pandemic and vaccinated world, the future of work will likely be a hybrid model with some combinations of remote work and in office work.  Managing remote teams, whether based locally, nationwide, or internationally creates both challenges and opportunities for managers and employees.


This webinar will address:


  • What are the benefits of having employees work remotely?

  • What are the challenges - both for managers and employees?

  • As a manager, what's important in terms of onboarding new employees?

  • What do you need to communicate regarding expectations?

  • What communication strategies may work best for specific situations?

  • Strategies for building relationships, reducing isolation, and creating teamwork

Price: $18.75

by Pat Cross - 28:16

You spend a great deal of time at your job, but do you ever stop and think where you want your career to go?

A career development plan is both a roadmap and an action plan to guide your career in the direction you want. Developing one for yourself can increase your chances for career satisfaction, as well as keep you productive and motivated. This webinar will focus on:

  • Why we often don't have a career development plan for ourselves - and why it’s important to have one

  • 5 specific action steps to take to take to develop your career development plan

  • Resources that can help you get there!

Price: $17.50
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