Creating Your Career Development Plan by Pat Cross - 28:16


You spend a great deal of time at your job, but do you ever stop and think where you want your career to go?

A career development plan is both a roadmap and an action plan to guide your career in the direction you want. Developing one for yourself can increase your chances for career satisfaction, as well as keep you productive and motivated. This webinar will focus on:

  • Why we often don't have a career development plan for ourselves - and why it’s important to have one

  • 5 specific action steps to take to take to develop your career development plan

  • Resources that can help you get there!


Pat Cross M.A.Ed. is a Career Coach with over 15 years of experience working with job seekers at levels from individual contributors to executive level staff. In addition to one-on-one coaching, she is also an experienced trainer and facilitator in the areas of job search, emotional intelligence, leadership development, management skills, presentation effectiveness, and customer service.

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