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The future of work, workforce, and workplace is being reshaped by globalization, disruptive innovations and accelerated digital transformation such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Lifelong learning through professional development is probably the most important way for you in the bumps and bruises of the jungle gym 21st Century workforce to “reskill” in order to remain competitive and stay relevant. Hence you must be committed to invest to learn what’s new in order to stay employed and prosper with financial security.

What is clear is that the “hard skills” and “soft skills” required to succeed in the future of work will evolve. Soft skills are non-technical proficiencies that are increasing in importance for many jobs in industry, academia and government. Examples are communication (verbal and written), leadership, creativity, teamwork, cognitive flexibility and emotional intelligence.

OnCareerSuccess provides affordable, online and high-quality professional development learning that enables you to maintain or accelerate your career successes, and to increase your chances of getting a job or promotion. The educational webinars are 100% online, which means you can learn at your schedule. One-on-one focused personalized coaching specifically designed to advance your specific professional or leadership development needs is also available.

Upcoming professional development webinars may include, but not limited to, these topics: Delegation, Effective Team Leadership, Leadership Development, Conflict Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Communication and Emotional Intelligence. Don’t see what you are looking for? Send us your suggestions to

Whether you are an Early Career or Mid-Career single contributor or as a leader, your professional development must include development of critical soft skills. Emotional intelligence , also commonly referred to as EQ, is a critical soft skill that effective and respected leaders must learn and develop to grow in their careers. EQ is also identified as a skill gaining importance in the future years of tech industry. In this on-demand webinar, the highly-sought experienced trainer, workshop facilitator and Career Expert Pat Cross defines what are the specific components of emotional intelligence, how to recognize these skills in action, opportunities to apply them in the workplace, and the results when these skills are applied to managing others and ourselves.

Emotional Intelligence:
Critical Competencies for Leaders

Adapting to Change at Work

Adapting To Change At Work

Managing Conflict In The Workplace

Managing Conflict In The Workplace

10 Tips For Managing Your Remote Employe

10 Tips For Managing
Your Remote Employees

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