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Your next great job is just around the corner. Start your journey with us today by receiving this free webinar as your guide.

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Launching Your Job Search with Pat Cross - 47:09

Are you ready to launch your job search?   Finding your professional job after graduation takes planning and preparations, and requires basic knowledge of knowing what jobs, industries and skills are trending now and in the future.

This comprehensive webinar will address what you need to know, providing tips, strategies and resources to help you land your new job.  The webinar content will include:

  • Giving you an overview of the key steps involved in launching a job search plan

  • Identifying your strengths and transferable skills

  • Understanding what 4 broad skill categories are needed for future employment and the top 10 skills in demand

  • Identifying trending jobs in demand and industries for 2024 and the future

  • Developing career management strategies based on in demand skills, job trends, and trending industries

  • Using available resources - including "best" job search websites and a comprehensive public database - to research jobs, position requirements, salary and current job openings

  • Developing your "Personal Commercial"

  • Tips on developing your resume and preparing for interviews

  • Taking advantage of and tips for preparing for virtual job fairs

  • The importance of networking in-person, online and on LinkedIn

  • Keeping track of your job search progress

  • And more!

Pat Cross, M.A.Ed., brings over 15 years experience facilitating workshops and coaching individuals in successful job search.   She has worked with individuals at all levels, from new college graduates to senior and C-Suite level executives.  Pat is a frequent speaker at professional networking meetings and at corporate training events as workshop facilitator on talent development and retention, career management and professional development for corporations, non-profit organizations, government and public agencies.


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