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Launching Your Job Search
OnCareerSuccess Inc.

Launching Your Job Search

Launching Your Job Search with Pat Cross - 45:48

Finding your professional job after graduation takes planning, flexibility and persistence!

In this talk, we'll discuss what you need to know (and do) to launch a successful search.  We'll address a number of key points including:

  • How to identify your strengths and transferable skills 

  • Identifying the top skills that employers seek 

  • Top paying jobs for new grads 

  • Tips on building your resume 

  • Interview questions you need to prepare for

  • Researching jobs and position requirements

  • Finding job opportunities at job posting websites

  • Creating a “Personal Commercial” 

  • The importance of networking

  • The virtual job fairs – how COVID-19 impacts your job search

  • Tips to adapt your job search during pandemic

  • Keeping track on your job search

Pat Cross M.A.Ed. brings over 15 years experience facilitating workshops and coaching individuals in successful job search.  She has worked with individuals at all levels, from new college graduates to senior and C-Suite level executives.  Pat is a frequent speaker at professional networking meetings and at corporate training events as workshop facilitator on talent development and retention, career management and professional development for corporations, non-profit organizations, government and public agencies.

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